Dream to Succeed Success Package by Scholarship Junkies

Dream to Succeed Success Package

Our team has mastered the writing process of scholarship and college success. We're here to bring your students the inside secrets we've taught over 10,000 students. They've won over $90 million in scholarships and we want to help your students win even more. 

What's covered in this package?

We built DreamtoSucceed to give your students guided support and materials they can carry with them throughout their entire journey. Our success content package acts as a continuous buffer between workshops that continue to give the students actionable things to strive for and direct continuous supplemental info/guidance. These guides have helped our students get into every ivy-league, top 50 school, win more than $90 million in scholarships and win more than 6x the average student. 

Our package is tailored with in-depth mini-courses covering the following: 
  • How to think like a scholarship winner
  • How to apply to college, including the Common app, UC applications, and personal statement building
  • Advanced writing techniques for painting powerful moments
  • How to apply for Financial Aid
  • An overview of the different types of aid and how they're different: Grants, Work Study, Loans, Scholarships
  • A detailed overview of the scholarship process, how to find scholarships, and how to stay on top of deadlines

We don't stop there! To give students the very best, we make sure they each walk away with:
  • Custom 1pg cheat sheet handout, detailing powerful writing techniques and strategies.  
  • Custom scholarship tracker to help students organize their scholarships 
  • 12 months of personalized scholarship tips, updated guides, and weekly reminder emails
  • Priority support for every student to make sure every question is answered.

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How is your content different and engaging?

We're young, work with students every day, and we've been there. Our team comes from the communities that reflect most of the students we serve. We're recent grads and are still fresh from navigating exactly what your students are going through. We craft each piece of content to engage students from the start and build retention through participation, quizzes, and activities. 

Will I be alerted when new content is added?

Yes! If you're enrolled in a course or subscribed to the pre-launch you'll be notified when new courses and updates go live. 

I want you to cover something not listed in your packages?

We love building new content that helps more people succeed. Shoot us an email over at david@scholarshipjunkies.org and we'll add it to the roadmap. If we have enough demand we'll get it produced asap! 

I have a question you didn't answer!

Please get in touch! Send us an email via david@scholarshipjunkies.org and we'll get back to you within 24hrs. 

What's included?


Getting Started
The Process
Join the Community
The Mentality
Thinking like a winner
What is passion and why do we need it?
Investing in yourself first
Applying to College
Checklist and Timelines
Academics, Extracurriculars, & Test Scores OH MY!
Finding a College for YOU!
Rec Letters 101
The College Interview
Financial Aid 101: Get that money
FAFSA, WASFA & CSS/Financial Aid Profile
Work Study
How to find scholarships
How to organize your scholarships
Applying Tips & Tricks
Negotiating your Aid Offer
I've won too much money, now what?
Writing to WIN 101
The difference between Scholarship and College apps
Two question magic
Planning and Outlining
Voice and Tone
Practice Prompts
Writing to WIN: Self Edit & Review
Editing and Grammar
How to Review
Writing to WIN 101: Advanced Techniques
Painting Pictures: Diction & Syntax
Layering Color: Motifs, Themes, and Extended Metaphors
Visualizing detail with DADI
Applied Writing
The short response
Supplemental Essays
More writing practice!
Mentor Texts

Most love bundling our content package with an in-person workshop!